New training on the horizon!

Did you read the recent NAVADMIN message regarding updated versions of the Petty Officer Selectee Leadership courses? Great changes are on the horizon, and of course, we at N171 could not be more excited!

NAVADMIN 207/13, released on 28 AUG, shared the incorporation of Operational Stress Control (OSC) and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) modules as mandatory instruction to newly selected E-4 to E-6 petty officers. Courses affected include: Petty Officer Selectee Leadership Course (POSLC), Petty Officer Second Class Selectee Leadership Course (PO2SLC), and Petty Officer First Class Selectee (PO1SLC) Leadership Course.

“The incorporation of these modules is a terrific accomplishment for our Navy,” commented CAPT Kurt Scott, N171 Resilience Chief. “It’s our perfect opportunity to encourage healthy behaviors and decision-making that our young leaders can emulate throughout the Fleet and within their own families.”

The updated courses are available for viewing and download on Navy Knowledge Online (NKO).

For more information about the Navy’s Center for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD), visit

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