Everyday military life can be extraordinarily stressful and can trigger reactions that harm both our personal health and unit readiness.

The heart of Operational Stress Control (OSC) is awareness- and leader-focused actions and responsibilities to promote resilience and psychological health in Sailors, commands, and families exposed to the stress of routine or wartime military operations in all environments, whether at sea, in the air, or on the ground, and in both operational and supporting roles.

OSC takes a new approach from the old “Go/No Go” paradigm and recognizes a continuum of stress responses ranging from optimal wellness to diagnosable illness; it is about preventing these stress injuries and building resilience – our capacity to withstand, recover, grow and adapt in the face of stressors and changing demands.

Since 2008, OSC has teamed with researchers, medical professionals and deck plate leaders to develop practical tools and has made significant strides in advancing understanding of operational stress and increasing awareness of resources available to Sailors, families and commands.