Know Where the Life Jackets Are – SNP
Personalize Your Stress Navigation Plan!
Readiness doesn’t begin at the time of a crisis. It starts with knowing which tools and resources will help us respond to unforeseen circumstances swiftly and with clarity. Knowing where to find help will provide us with the tools we need, to mitigate the potential negative impacts of stress before they affect our lives. Sometimes finding a way to de-stress is stressful itself – if we don’t know what to do or where to go. Making a plan ahead of time and practicing it can be a life-saving drill.

All Operational Stress Control and Suicide Prevention communications products are available for ordering through the Naval Logistics Library and can be shipped to your command free of charge. To view the full range of available products and place an order, please download the product order form.


Expeditionary – OSC Stress Continuum Brochure


Family – OSC Stress Continuum Brochure


Sailor – OSC Stress Continuum Brochure


Sub/Aviation – OSC Stress Continuum Brochure