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And the winner is…

The moment many of you have been waiting for is here! After receiving nineteen entries from small Seabee Units, Naval hospitals and clinics, Navy Operations Support Centers, CSADD Chapters and even aircraft carriers, the winners of the 2012 Suicide Prevention Public Service Announcement Contest have been chosen! With so many quality entries, it was hard to select just a single “best.” The three winning submissions are…

Navy Suicide Prevention PSA There is Hope

There is Hope – The team from the USS Ronald Reagan Media Department (CVN 76) did an outstanding job of addressing the many risk factors for suicide, illustrating that it’s never the result of a single event or factor. Relationship and/or financial problems, stress, anxiety, and uncertainty are all potential risk factors for suicidal behavior, particularly when combined with feelings of hopelessness. The video highlights these stressors while ending in a positive light by emphasizing that helping someone to realize that there is hope can also help them see that Life is Worth Living.

Navy Suicide Prevention PSA Find Your Light

Find Your Light – Leave it to CSADD to depict such a strong message with extraordinary creativity! The Save Our Sailors Chapter of the Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions Naval Medical Center San Diego again highlighted the negative perceptions that contribute to suicidal thoughts, as well as other risk factors like alcohol abuse. Illustrating the message “It’s Okay to Speak up When You’re Down,” when a Shipmate took the time to ACT, the distressed Sailors saw that their lives and stressors mattered to someone. Furthermore, the Sailors realized that someone cared enough to help them get assistance to address these issues so that they could again believe that Life is Worth Living.

Don’t Weight! It’s Okay to Speak Up When You’re Down. – This entry was filmed entirely with a Smartphone! The Navy Operational Support Center San Antonio team has a great grasp on the weight that life’s challenges can have on us, and how our responsibilities may keep us from believing that we can speak up when we’re down. The video interweaves suicide prevention resources, a visual definition of ACT, while again reinforcing that Sailors take care of Sailors.

Winners are now available for viewing by clicking the above links. They will also air on Direct to Sailor television aboard Navy ships, reaching a potential Navy and Marine Corps audience of over 145,000 daily, and will be provided to the American Forces Network and Pentagon Channel.

Bravo Zulu to all entrants! Each submission showed an immense amount of thought, time, energy and effort in promoting lives worth living among fellow Sailors. Share the winning PSA’s with your command, family and friends!

For official announcement of contest winners, visit navy.mil

For more information on the Suicide Prevention Public Service Announcement Contest, reference NAVADMIN 218/12.

For more information on Navy Suicide Prevention visit www.suicide.navy.mil

For confidential 24/7 help call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-TALK, option 1.

Exploring New Ways to Talk about Stress: The Navy Suicide PSA Video Contest

Our upbringing, culture, age and personal experiences all affect how we interpret the messages that we see and hear every day. Because of that, if we want to be understood, we need to find alternative ways of expressing our ideas. Understanding Operational Stress (OSC), and finding new ways to talk about it, is important if we’re to change how we think and act when it comes to issues of psychological fitness. Expressing how we feel and listening to each other are important parts of expanding our understanding of stress, stress illnesses and each other’s perspective. The Navy’s OSC program supports the effort to expand that discussion by promoting the Navy’s Suicide Prevention Public Service Announcement Video Contest (SPPSAC).

Following the success of the 2009 Poster Contest, the new PSA video contest engages Sailors in a fresh and contemporary way. The SPPSAC is designed to encourage participation from Sailors across the Navy, with an emphasis on promoting Suicide Prevention as an All Hands Evolution. These peer-to-peer messages will promote awareness of suicide warning signs and bystander intervention among viewers, while advocating help-seeking behavior from a Sailor’s point-of-view. Each entry must convey a clear suicide awareness or prevention message utilizing one of this year’s core program themes: “It’s Okay to Speak up When You’re Down” or “Life is Worth Living.” While creatively emphasizing one or both of these messages, an element of “ACT (Ask Care Treat)” must be referenced.

The contest is currently open, with a submission deadline of 24 August. The winning PSA will be announced on 28 September, culminating Suicide Prevention Awareness month, and will subsequently be broadcast on Direct-to-Sailor Television and provided to the American Forces Network and Pentagon channel. In addition, winners’ names will be posted on the Suicide Prevention website with entries linked to navynavstress.com.

We need to hear from you! This is your chance to share your thoughts about how to prevent suicide among fellow Sailors with your shipmates and leadership. You don’t have to be a professional videographer to participate! All you need is access to any recording device—even a Smartphone! Video submissions can be a maximum of 50 seconds in length. What will yours say?

For more information on the SPPSAC click here for the Navy NewsStand release. Visit the Navy Suicide Prevention website (or click here) for official contest rules, standard operating procedure and entry forms. Please read all details before filming!

Direct questions to Caroline Miles at (901) 874-6922 or email suicideprevention@navy.mil with SPPSAC in the subject line.