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Navy Suicide Prevention Program
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Public Affairs Officer
LTJG Stuart Phillips

Mobile Training Team (MTT)
MTTs are deployed to expand OSC’s reach and deliver the Navy OSC for Leaders Course (NAVOSC-Lead) and Deckplate Leader OSC (DPL-OSC) to commands worldwide. The teams are stationed in San Diego, California and Norfolk, Virginia, and members average more than 20 years of Navy and training expertise.

MTT West Offices 619-556-6640 or email

MTT East Offices 757-444-0500 or email

Course Descriptions

  • NAVOSC-Lead  is designed to assist Navy leaders in assessing individual and unit stress responses, and provide tools to help their Sailors better navigate operational stress.  This is not a medical course, but rather one designed by line leaders for line leaders. The six-hour course is characterized by dialogue and case studies. Personal stories highlight the impact of stress on individuals and their families and demonstrate how application of tools and leadership intervention can build and maintain resilience and readiness. The training is designed for Commissioned Officers and Chief Petty Officers.
  • DPL-OSC mirrors the NAVOSC-Lead design and is a 3-4 hour, facilitated, interactive course intended for supervisors from E4-E6.  It is designed to enhance students’ knowledge and skills so they can better assist their Sailors to successfully navigate both operational and personal stressors common to Navy life.  The training encourages these junior leaders to provide an environment where shipmates feel comfortable sharing life’s stressors before small issues become more serious. They are also encouraged to take action to help Sailors get any necessary and appropriate assistance.