5 Things You Need to Know About 2016 Navy Suicide Prevention Month


1 Small ACT was introduced as the Every Sailor, Every Day campaign’s central message during 2015 Navy Suicide Prevention Month (September). This message encourages members of the Navy community to use everyday interactions as opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others, while strengthening connections through active engagement. With 2016 Navy Suicide Prevention Month around the corner, here are five things you need to know:

  1. 1 Small ACT will remain the Every Sailor, Every Day campaign’s primary message. Starting in September we will expand application of this message, focusing on individual coping skills as well as community and command-level support. Look forward to simple tips to promote self-care, such as journaling and practicing gratitude, as well as new ways to practice more familiar healthy behaviors like restful sleep and healthy eating. We will also discuss small acts that can make a difference at the peer, family and command levels, including Navy’s evidence-based intervention tools.
  2. Navy Suicide Prevention Month isn’t just a 30-day “blitz.” Each September is a month-long launch for sustainable and tailored local engagement throughout the upcoming fiscal year. Each year, new concepts and tools are introduced to educate audiences, advance the conversation and motivate positive behavior. Application of these tools can enable prevention at all levels.
  3. Suicide prevention coordinators (SPC) are key players during Navy Suicide Prevention Month and throughout the year. Feedback collected from Sailors indicates that peer interaction weighs heavily on perceptions that may motivate or discourage a desired behavior. As your command’s SPC, you are more than a program manager—you are a familiar face with a powerful and influential voice. Use this month as an opportunity to foster open and ongoing dialogue, reenergize local efforts and keep your shipmates engaged. Learn more by registering for our webinar on Aug. 30 at 12:00 eastern, co-hosted by Navy & Marine Corps Public Health Center. Register here.
  4. Navy Suicide Prevention Branch will release an updated toolkit with resources to support local engagement. This toolkit will be available mid-August and will be distributed directly to SPCs and other key influencers who have subscribed to Navy Suicide Prevention Branch’s distribution list (sign up here). It will be available for download from www.suicide.navy.mil and will include key messages, event ideas, sample social media messages and plan of the day notes, a sample Suicide Prevention Month proclamation, new graphics and more.
  5. The 1 Small ACT Photo Gallery will remain open for submission. Last year more than 400 “Small ACT Selfies” were submitted for the photo gallery, highlighting the many ways to be there for others. This year, participants can also share ideas on how to take care of themselves as individuals (self-care). How many selfies or group photos can you encourage your shipmates and family members to submit? Updated 1 Small ACT signs and details are available at www.suicide.navy.mil > Every Sailor, Every Day.

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