Celebrate the 21 Days of Total Sailor FITmas this Holiday Season!

21 Days of TSF MINI overview

While the holidays are considered “the most wonderful time of the year,” they’re not without challenges that can impact overall health – from physical fitness, to emotional well-being, relationship strength, financial readiness and more. This year the Every Sailor, Every Day campaign has the resources you need to proactively navigate holiday stress and build resilience throughout the season and into 2016.  From December 14, 2015 through January 3, 2016, the campaign will promote the “21 Days of Total Sailor FITmas,” providing a daily dose of quick tips and tricks to help keep the happy in the holidays.

Each of the 21 days will focus on navigating holiday stress related to a particular area of Total Sailor Fitness, providing Sailors and their families with resources to care for themselves physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially and psychologically. Through collaboration across and beyond the 21st Century Sailor Office, the 21 Days of Total Sailor FITmas will address topics such as navigating transitions and deployment during the holidays, fitness and nutrition tips to avoid seasonal weight gain (and guilt!), the impact of alcohol on stress navigation, strengthening relationships, finding meaning and more. Complementary to the “1 Small ACT” message, the 21 Days of Total Sailor FITmas will highlight the little things that we can do as shipmates, leaders and family members every day to make a big difference and a positive impact in the lives of ourselves and of others.

This holiday season is the perfect time to exercise Controllability by gifting yourself with healthy habits and coping strategies. To help you and your shipmates identify stress reactions, a new Stress Continuum graphic is available for use on social media. This graphic is ideal for promoting at-a-glance understanding of the Stress Continuum Model, illustrating each stress zone on a thermometer just in time for the season’s changing temperatures. Look for the new Stress Continuum graphic on our social media channels during and beyond the 21 Days of Total Sailor FITmas for sharing with shipmates and family. The graphic is also available for download on the Navy Operational Stress Control website (www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/support/21st_Century_Sailor/osc/Pages/default.aspx > Background).

You can help your shipmates and family celebrate the 21 Days of Total Sailor FITmas by following Navy Operational Stress Control on Facebook (www.facebook.com/navstress), Twitter (www.twitter.com/NavStress) and WordPress (navstress.wordpress.com), and by encouraging others to do the same. You can also spread holiday cheer by contributing to the 1 Small ACT Photo Gallery. Give your shipmates and the entire Navy community the gift of commitment by submitting a photograph of yourself or your shipmates holding the 1 Small ACT sign (available in our toolkit here or on Navy.mil here), personalized with your example of a small act that can make a difference in the lives of your shipmates during the holidays or all year long. Submissions will be published to our Facebook page.

FITmas is almost here – join us as we help you and your family stay fit from the inside out!

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