Food and Mood

Lt. Cmdr. Amit Sood, OPNAV N17 Dietitian, reflects on the impact food choices have on one’s mood to encourage readers to “Keep an Even Keel” this holiday season with family, friends and shipmates.

The holidays are here, and you deserve some much needed time off, so take George H.W. Bush is conducting training operations in the Atlantic Ocean.every opportunity to spend it with family and friends. Now, combine those relationships with good, conscious food choices, and you have the right ingredients to recharge your spirit!

Whether your time is spent with family, going to a potluck with friends, or sharing the holiday with your shipmates at sea, remember it’s all about balanced eating. The food we consume can affect the way we think, feel, act, and interact with those around us, so it is important to consume each of the food groups at each meal, at roughly the same time each day. In doing so, you can stabilize blood sugar levels and increase energy levels to enjoy the taste and spirit of the holiday.

Here are three ways food and mood can impact your relationships:

  1. Enjoying a meal with family and friends can enhance interpersonal relationships and boost your sense of community.
  2. Keeping a balanced and consistent food intake can positively affect your level of self-satisfaction and sense of controllability.
  3. Giving, such as contributing to a potluck and seeing others enjoy the food you provide, will increase your feelings of self-worth and meaning in your relationships.

You can also use a nutrition tracker, such as the SuperTracker on, to help you plan and manage your nutrient intake and portion sizes. With conscious effort and consistency, you’ll find monitoring your food intake to be a simple, yet incredibly powerful strategy to help keep your mental, emotional, physical, and social well-being in check. So, enjoy good food, share and spend time with others, recharge your spirit, and remain resilient and all season long!

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