Building Resilience in the Face of Injury or Illness

140928-N-OT964-While the day-to-day life in the Navy can be stressful, navigating those stressors combined with the challenges of wounds, illness or injury can make even the most resilient Sailor or family member feel overwhelmed. Adapting to a new normal takes patience and determination, and it can also be an opportunity to perhaps inspire other wounded, ill and injured shipmates to thrive in the face of adversity.

One tool to help Wounded Warriors and their families build and maintain resilience is to create a Stress Navigation Plan. This plan is intended to be private, and it outlines your personal list of positive strategies and support resources. Go to to download a template, then once completed, keep it in a safe place so you can reference it when you are feeling down.

A second way to support your resilience is to enroll in Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor. This program provides non-medical resources and support to guide active duty and retired Sailors and their families through recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration. One such program, adaptive athletic reconditioning, trained and guided 39 wounded, ill and injured Sailors to compete in the fifth annual Warrior Games in Colorado and the inaugural Invictus Games in London.

Above all, remember that asking for help, whether for physical or emotional issues, is a sign of strength. We don’t always have control over what life throws at us, but we can learn how to identify stress reactions and take measures to deal with them. There are multiple resources supporting wounded, ill and injured service members and families, including:

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