May 18-24 is National Prevention Week

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration’s (SAMHSA) “National Prevention Week” is right around the corner. Observed from May 18 – 24, this annual public health initiative is aimed at increasing awareness of mental health issues and substance abuse issues through community-centered approaches. While this week is used to promote public awareness and support, National Prevention Week was developed based on the concept that “effective prevention… requires consistent action.” It’s an all hands evolution, all of the time. This is a great opportunity for you, your shipmates and families to tie in the many ways we can come together to support each other and prevent destructive behavior, engaging the theme “Our Lives. Our Health. Our Future.” Each day, SAMHSA will highlight a new topic according to the following calendar.

May 18: Prevention and Cessation of Tobacco Use

May 19: Prevention of Underage Drinking

May 20: Prevention of Prescription Drug Abuse and MarijuanaUse

May 21: Prevention of Alcohol Abuse

May 22: Prevention of Suicide

May 23: Promotion of Mental Health

Visit SAMHSA online for National Prevention Week engagement ideas. You could organize a health fair supporting the daily topics or promote prevention awareness on your command’s Facebook page using SAMHSA’s messages. Even individual action promotes solidarity. Take the Prevention Pledge on Facebook and encourage your shipmates to do the same. Templates are also available online for the “I Choose” project—a great opportunity for individual or group engagement. Just take a photo of yourself or a group of your shipmates holding up an “I Choose” sign personalized with your message promoting healthy choices to prevent destructive behavior.

Navy’s 21st Century Sailor Programs have myriad resources to support your local efforts. Visit Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Navy Suicide Prevention, and Navy Operational Stress Control online for downloadable tools and information. For more resources, including Tobacco Cessation information, visit Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center’s Health Promotion and Wellness site.

One response to “May 18-24 is National Prevention Week

  1. Mental health problems or also TBI due to blasts, physic injuty, and other causes, we known as TBi, is a great chellenge that is followed, on time, by PTSD. We are composed of body and phsyche and must nor divide us on two. So what happen to body had repercussion on the other component. the contrary is also true, Also if more resyltaas have been obtained and more researhes have highlithed the situation, more is still to make. A month dedicated to those problems is for make buddies aware of their problems, be not afraid to ask aid, understand that ask help is an act of courage, of high courage and, on the same time, is a manner to done example to others on the same situation. What must be understood is that a health problem, of all gender, is cared also by a moral support, other tham by pharmacological or other types of care. A month dedicated to is for you, buddies, may refer to buddies, caregiver, command, for have tempestif and adeguate care, may continue on yopur job, that is duty. have the courage of speak and ask, be aware this is for you the first care claudio alpaca

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