Navy Leader’s Guide Now Available In Smartphone Application

Engaged leadership is essential to building a supportive command climate. It’s not always easy to recognize distress signals or to determine the best way to reach out to a Sailor who may be having trouble navigating life’s changes. As we continue our focus on transitions, leaders at all levels should become familiar with the practical tips and resources provided in the Navy Leader’s Guide for Managing Sailors in Distress—now available as a smart phone application. The “Personnel & Family” section includes beneficial information and recommendations to help you support Sailors in various life and career transitions.
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 The Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) recently launchedLeader Guide a smart phone application for the Navy Leader’s Guide, an online handbook to help Navy leaders recognize and assist Sailors displaying distressed behaviors.

NMCPHC developed the original online version of the Navy Leader’s Guide for Managing Sailors in Distress and partnered with the Defense Department’s National Center for Telehealth and Technology (T2) to develop the mobile app edition. The Navy Leader’s Guide is primarily used by Sailors in supervisory roles to help them identify Sailors who may be showing signs of being in distress. It also provides information on operational stress control, suicide prevention, mental health, medical issues, and common problems that junior Sailors face along with supportive interventions, resources and strategies, as well as official guidance leaders need when they are assisting a distressed Sailor.

“As psychological and emotional well-being is a key component of operational and mission readiness, NMCPHC realized there was a need for Navy leaders to have access to this important resource from wherever they were regardless of computer availability,” said Cmdr. Connie Scott, NMCPHC Health Promotion and Wellness Department Head. “NMCPHC saw the reach and portability of mobile technology and apps as the answer they were looking for and have spent the last year working with T2 to make their vision a reality.”

According to Dr. Mark Long, NMCPHC Public Health educator, the app contains resources available in the online version in a format optimized for mobile devices, allowing leaders to take it with them anywhere they go – deployments, training missions, or as a quick resource while on the go in port.

The Navy Leader’s Guide app is now available for download on iTunes and Google Play and can also be accessed from both the NMCPHC and T2 websites.

NavyNavStress would like to thank our partners at Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center’s Health Promotion and Wellness (HPW) Department for submitting this guest blog to keep our audiences informed. For more HPW resources, visit

One response to “Navy Leader’s Guide Now Available In Smartphone Application

  1. Very interessant and usefull to done aid, on phychological and physiological terms, to sailors on distress, that is not ever so easy to known, for the variety of sumptoms, for sailors may be afraid to comunicate this situation, and for more other aspects, different by subjects. the guide is of more aid to navy leaders, who have not ever the possibility to known the situation, not more soon, and may be on difficulties on how act. this not for they are not able, but for several reasons and situations that make any case a case at part. I am glad for this aid done, that shall help Navy leaders and sailors, for buddies needs to be aided. claudio alpaca

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