Thrive During the Holidays wrap-up: keeping the momentum going in 2014

Over the past few months, the Navy Operational Stress Control team has provided a variety of resources to help Sailors and families Thrive during the Holidays. While many of those resources were geared toward navigating the stress of the holiday season, the heart of each is applicable all year long—from seeking to have better control of your budget, to strengthening relationships or committing to healthier living. Don’t let your efforts to thrive fall by the wayside (like so many New Year’s resolutions do). Reflect on the strategies that worked best for you and try to incorporate them into your daily life and routines in 2014. Empower yourself to take control of stress proactively so that you can enjoy all that life has to offer. Challenges may emerge, but with a strong sense of self, the support of your community, and guidance from the Five Principles of Resilience, you can make 2014 your best year yet.

If you find yourself in need of something to make you smile this year, take a look at these wonderful coloring page submissions from our NORAD Tracks Santa collaboration (artists ranging from ages 1 to 35!). Here’s a recap of our Thrive during the Holidays blog posts and stories:

Navy Announces New Holiday Stress Navigation Campaign, ‘Thrive During the Holidays’
Food Savvy for the Holidays
Spring forward, fall back and THRIVE
Taking the Stress Out of the Holidays while your Spouse is Deployed
Helping Navy Families Thrive During Deployment
Thank Your Body this Thanksgiving
Thankful to Serve Those Who Serve
Balance Your Holiday Spending
Unwrap Some New Tools this Holiday Season
December is Impaired Driving Month
Sailors and Families Track Santa
Getting Ahead of the Humbugs
Comfort Foods Can be Healthy, too
Resolving to THRIVE in the New Year
The Credit Card Statements Are In…Now What?

Stay tuned for more from our NavyTHRIVE campaign in 2014! In the meantime, check out the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center’s NavyTHRIVE infographic.

Navy Operational Stress Control would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our guest bloggers who contributed to the “Thrive during the Holidays” campaign. We appreciate your continued support.

2 responses to “Thrive During the Holidays wrap-up: keeping the momentum going in 2014

  1. Thrive is not only for holidays but for ever, for ever we have necessity to be supported and to have indications of how act on life, for avoid situations of stress, that is always present, also if trained for duty, and is present for we are humans and release of hormone of stress is physiological. I would say you, buddies, we must be strong on our determination to follow all indications may aid us, all is well for us. Overall we must ask help and aid each other for this is to be family and we are Navy family. So we support each others and all people support us for navy is a omnicohomprensive family. claudio alpaca

  2. Dear NCOSCC Staff:

    The purpose for contacting you is to respectfully request consideration for either submitting an article in one of your newsletters or journals and/or be a presentor at one of your next COCSC Conferences. I am a medically retired and permanently and totally disabled combat veteran. May 3, 2014 will be my Doctor of Ministry Commencement. My thesis topic is “A Postventional Care Model for Chaplans with Truamatic Combat and Operational Ministry Experiences.” Additional rerences, abstract and information is available upon request. I look forward to dialouging with you about the potential, purpose and potency of such an artical and/or conference topic. Thank you for your collaborative consideration and superior service.

    Rickey L. Bennett, LT, CHC, USN, (Retired) D.Min.

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