Resolving to THRIVE in the New Year

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” – Semisonic

Maybe 2013 was the best year yet with exciting career opportunities and advancements or the birth of a child. Or maybe 2013 challenged you in ways you have never experienced before and the New Year is your chance to start fresh. Whether your glass was half empty or half full, the ringing in of 2014 can be your chance to reflect, resolve and THRIVE. Here are a few resources to take the stress out of the more common New Year’s resolutions:

Manage your money – Whether you are planning to buy a home, expand your family, or just solidify your financial future, being a good steward of your money is key to balancing out your wants and needs. Check out our guest blogs from financial expert Stacy Livingstone-Hoyte, particularly “Declare Financial Independence in 2013” and “Fall into Healthier Finances.”

Get in shape – Maybe you are thinking of joining a gym or are seeking ways to maintain physical readiness while on deployment. Don’t put it off any longer! Check out the Navy and Marine Corp Public Health Center’s (NMCPHC) dedicated resources to helping Sailors enjoy Active Living and our blog, “Exercising in Small or Confined Spaces.”

Eat a well-balanced diet – New Year, no excuses! Let 2014 be the year you lose that last 10 pounds or perhaps commit to healthier eating. Either way, before you turn to a fad diet that may not be sustainable, explore NMCPHC’s Healthy Eating product and topic areas to set you up for success! Navy Nutrition’s website also has some great resources in the “Eaters” section.

Break the habit – Perhaps you are ready to quit use of tobacco products or practice responsible drinking. The Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention (NADAP) site has a tremendous amount of information and resources for substance abuse prevention, to help you Keep What You’ve Earned.

Strengthen your relationships – This is one resolution that can apply to anyone but is often the most overlooked. Long workdays, deployments, and the churn of Navy life can take a toll on Sailors and loved ones alike. Staying connected with your family, friends and peers is just as important to your emotional wellbeing as fitness or sleep is to your physical wellbeing. Human Performance Resource Center offers great tips for making—and keeping—Relationship Resolutions.

Regardless of what you and your family may resolve, either individually or together, exercise the 5 Principles of Resilience to help navigate your 2014 and make it one of your best years yet. Remember that challenges are inevitable, so use the New Year as an opportunity to update your Stress Navigation Plan so you can stay ready and resilient—and thrive.

From our family to yours, Happy New Year, Shipmates!

One response to “Resolving to THRIVE in the New Year

  1. All ne year reach hopes for a better life, for new positive experiences and this is true, but also we have challenge that are part of our life and are not due to a year or another but to our duty, our life and are also part of ourself. we begin a new year but we must be ever prepared to experience negatif aspect, made acceptable by positif. All what reccomended is true and sage and we must respect them, also if not ever deployments, changes, will are the same and must be followed as we would,. the important is have a objectivity drive us to the best resul, we feel to be part of a family where we are all brothers and friends and where we may find aid and done help to others. So established all will appear more easy and we will surpass any problems aiding the one the others. but are not we Navy’ claudio alpaca

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