Getting Ahead of the Humbugs

H4HWith the holidays approaching, you may experience mixed emotions about family gatherings—especially if you’ve spent a lot of time away from home and loved ones recently. Whether it’s encountering a person that you’ve struggled to get along with in the past, or even a seasonal tradition that you no longer feel connected with, there are bound to be elements of the holidays that can be…well…irritating.

The transition from high operational tempo and incredible mission demands, to basting turkeys, singing carols and toasting with champagne, can be difficult to navigate. Here are a few ways to apply three of the 5 Principles of Resilience (Predictability, Controllability, Relationships, Trust and Meaning) to stressful holiday situations to help you get a better grasp on “the humbugs” and enjoy your well-deserved time off for merriment and relaxation:

  1. Predictability: If you can predict something, you can prepare for it. Rather than trying to avoid the thoughts, situations or people that may dampen your holiday spirit, accept them and try to move forward. Make a plan for how you’ll deal with these situations, positively, rather than letting them weigh on you. Maybe you’ll find something in common with “weird Uncle Lester,” or realize that caroling really doesn’t bother you so much after all.
  2. Controllability: You can prepare for the predictable, but inevitably there are some things that may be outside of your control. Maybe you feel obligated to attend three different family dinners because you’ve been away and everyone wants to see you. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, take a step back and sort through what you can and cannot control. You might not be able to please everyone and make it to all three dinners across town within two hours, but you can regain a sense of control by deciding which suits your schedule best. Don’t feel guilty for declining an invite!
  3. Meaning: To Thrive during the Holidays, it’s most important to stay focused on what this time of year means to you. Whether you observe the religious significance, look forward to a little time to kick back with your shipmates, or just enjoy the company of friends and family, remember that this is a season of hope. Be grateful for the challenges, triumphs and positivity in your life—they all build resilience!

Whatever humbugs and sticky situations you may encounter, assure yourself that you can navigate through these challenges and still enjoy the holidays without feeling like a scrooge. For more strategies to  defeat holiday stress, check out “6 Strategies for Beating the Holiday Blues” on the Chaplain Corps Live blog.

If you or someone you know is having a hard time navigating stress this holiday season or any time of year, help is always available. Dial 1-800-273-8255 (Option 1) for the Veteran’s Crisis Line, or 1-855-NAVY-311 for ChaplainCare. It’s okay to speak up when you’re down.

One response to “Getting Ahead of the Humbugs

  1. The indications are sage but inevitabily, for we are human, we may lost the control, on part of or a few time, we may be irritate by situations and persons who have posed on act against us. But we must, being men of valor, surpass these challenges and say to our self we are able to have auto control and govern our emotions.We may ask to God his aid, he will done us without exithation. Having such a father, brother and friend we will be sure, happy and our serenity shall be superior to sadness. claudio alpaca

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