Color up some fun!

Attention Shipmates and families! You Tube Channel Art

As part of our new partnership with North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) for its 58th annual NORAD Tracks Santa  campaign, we’ve created a photo album on our Facebook page,, to display art work that your family can share publically in our album or privately with your Sailor, near or far. Simply print the blank coloring page from the album, and have fun! Check out more information here:

We look forward to sharing in the holiday cheer with our Navy family!


One response to “Color up some fun!

  1. Never as on holidays I reason on the hard activity of buddies, who are obliged on a confined space and have to work as every day. Thinking so my admiration growth and my appreciation is bigest for those serve us on the several corner of sea and world. You are near us and we near you.our hearts are your home and we share with you our life fotr you understand you are never been and are not alone. And so your duty may became less hard and your hearts glad. chappy holidays, buddies claudio alpaca

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