Spring Forward, Fall Back… and THRIVE!

This week is a sweet one with HaBahlloween, Daylight Savings and the kick-off of the annual N171 holiday campaign, Thrive During the Holidays!

Earlier this year, we announced the concept of NavyTHRIVE as the umbrella for the OPNAV 21st Century Sailor Office, encouraging Sailors, commands, families and civilians to empower themselves by taking personal responsibility for their health, wellness and growth—the next step in building resilience. Following the announcement, we piloted the concept for 2013 Suicide Prevention Month’s campaign, “Thrive in your Community.” The responses and community participation throughout the campaign were tremendous, with dozens of commands sharing details of their efforts with us.

With this growing momentum (and the extra hour of sleep this weekend!) we want to prepare you for the holiday season with tools and resources to get ahead of holiday chaos, while focusing on building resilience for the New Year.

Traditionally, the holiday season is a stressful time for Sailors and families. Uncertainty surrounding deployments, time off and finances, combined with well-intentioned but sometimes unrealistic expectations of loved ones and friends, often result in Sailors and their spouses pushing themselves to extremes to meet overly ambitious goals. Planning ahead for the holidays can offset potential negative impacts to relationships, finances, physical health and emotional wellbeing to help Sailors and their families truly enjoy their holidays and do so responsibly.

The Thrive During the Holidays campaign expands upon our efforts to promote a sense of community, offering something for everyone this year. Some of the new initiatives you’re sure to enjoy include a blog series authored by a Navy wife, Elizabeth Winters, geared toward families with a parent or loved one on deployment during the holidays, engagement with NORAD/NORTHCOM’s annual family venture “Tracking Santa,and more.

Keep watch on this blog, Navy.mil and our Facebook and Twitter pages for great tools and resources to help you and your family Thrive During the Holidays …and share your ideas to get ahead of holiday stress with us!

One response to “Spring Forward, Fall Back… and THRIVE!

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