Thriving, Not Just Surviving

Trust, one of the 5 Principles of Resilience, plays a critical role in withstanding adversity. It is built through experience and communication, not only on individual levels, but on the part of leaders and larger organizations as well. Starting a conversation about stress and the value of seeking help encourages people to feel comfortable discussing challenges, building trust between shipmates and leaders. Together we can help each other thrive, not just survive.
– Note


I’d like all hands to view this courageous video by PRC Kelsey – an active duty Chief who has voluntarily placed his life story in front of us all.

Look my friends, life is a gift.  It is precious.  No matter what or how bad things may seem, there is always an answer that compels us to choose LIFE and embrace the goodness of this gift, forever.

Some may say:  We always don’t have a warning.  What do we do?

We have to build TRUST with our people—ALL our people, Civilians, Sailors, Officers alike—so that when things are going wrong, we can intervene with every resource the Navy has to bear.  And we have A LOT.

We have to ENGAGE with our people—know their spouses, their families, their plans, their life’s dreams and goals, so we can catch them if and when they fall.

We ARE our sister’s and our brother’s keeper.  And we ARE a family.

Bottom line, no one is going to do this but US.  I need your minds and hearts in the game.  Know your Sailors.  Division Officers and Branch Officers, move your desks in the shops and know your people.  To lead in this warfighting profession, you have to love (and I know of no better word to describe this action) those under your stewardship.  Be a servant leader.  Get out there and lead from the front.

VR/ CAPT Steve Deal

About the Author
Captain Steve Deal,
Commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing TEN, will be headed to Tennessee in early November to take the lead as Director, OPNAV N17 Millington, 21st Century Sailor Office. Recently, during a Personal Readiness Summit at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Capt. Deal had the honor of hearing Chief Kelsey’s story first hand. The impact of his story was immediately felt command-wide; leading Capt. Deal to publish the above message on the CPRW-10 Commodore’s Blog , bringing conversations about seeking help to the forefront and reinforcing a sense of community.  Capt. Deal’s efforts mark the essence of caring leadership, upholding suicide prevention as an all hands evolution.

For more information on Navy Suicide Prevention Month, click here.

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