Building Resilience – One small change at a time

Individual resilience requires life balance and the Navy’s people programs offer ways to develop that balance through enhancement of our physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological well being.

Over the last few months, many Navy people program subject matter experts joined to offer practical tips on how our Sailors, their families, civilians and leaders can lessen the stress that often accompanies the holidays. These stories, blog posts, tweets and Face Book postings all offer ways to reduce stress today and explain how together these small changes can help build resilience over time.

“Active resilience building activities like having a good fitness routine, eating balanced diet, developing a strong spiritual foundation, and taking time to have fun can mitigate stress. When those activities are developed in concert with the resilience principles of predictability, controllability, relationships, trust and meaning,” said Navy Behavioral Health Director, Capt. Kurt Scott, “they form the basis for the holistic approach to improving readiness, fitness and a sense of well-being.”

Our Navy Personnel Programs and partner organizations have members with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Scott added. “We need to follow their recommendations on how to keep to an exercise routine, develop and manage a budget or how to plan for fun if we want to become be better prepared to respond to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.”

Lt. Cmdr. Jennifer Wallinger, a nutritionist and Lt. Cmdr. Austin Latour an exercise physiologist both with the Navy Physical Readiness Office, Dorice Favorite, director, Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Office (NADAP), and personal financial management specialist Stacy Livingstone-Hoyte, from the Fleet & Family Support Center in Millington, Tenn. have all provided practical ways to navigate holiday stress. See their tips in the Navy News Stand articles below or read our blog postings by Navy Chaplains Tim Overturf with the 2d Marine Division and Andrew P. Sholtes from the Naval Medical Center San Diego on how to make new holiday traditions while building better family and spiritual relationships.

Use these techniques to reduce stress with regular exercise, for planning more nutritious meals, for understanding the keys to responsible drinking behaviors and for managing your financial health.  These stories were written for the holidays but the strategies can help you all year long.

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