Resilience Is What Sets Our Navy Apart

We hear the word resilience a lot, often taking on different meanings for different people based on their experiences. For some it’s an ability to ‘bounce back’ from stress, for others it’s just another term for personal strength.

The Navy defines resilience as the “capacity to withstand, recover, grow and adapt in the face of stressors and changing demands.” That means it’s not just the ability to bounce back from a stressful situation, but also the capacity to actually perform better during stressful situations. Many of the Navy’s people programs are rooted in Operational Stress Control, focusing on prevention and using feedback, assessment, analysis, and research to integrate efforts and advance training and outreach. Some of those results reveal a few key elements that can be used to guide the understanding of resilience and how to implement stress control. These core elements are:


How many times have you had a completely stress-free holiday season? We know this time of year can be as hectic and exhausting as it is joyous. During the holidays, it’s especially important for Sailors and families to understand how we can help each other reduce stress levels by planning and communicating-and having fun!

Over the next few weeks we’ll tie in some of the recommendations offered by other programs in Navy News Stand Stories to the principles above. We’ll highlight some simple things that can you get ahead of holiday stress. By reducing stress, we hope this potentially joyous time of year will provide the break needed to help our Navy become stronger and more resilient.

Read about the principles of Resilience and Stress Control (click here to get the pdf)

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