OSC Mobile Training Teams Mark Program Milestones

The Navy’s Operational Stress Control (OSC) Program surpassed a milestone Aug. 10 with completion of the 100th presentation of the Navy Operational Stress Control Leader Course (NAVOSC-LEAD) at NTC Great Lakes, Il. The courses were also provided OCONUS by the OSC Mobile Training Team East during their trips to Guantanamo Bay; Rota, Spain; and Bahrain.

The MTTs deliver both the Navy OSC Leader Course and the Front Line Supervisors Training (FLST) to enhance leaders’ ability to help Sailors and their families better navigate the stresses of Navy life.  The focus on prevention and positive action is designed to help leaders intervene to help shipmates and their families build and maintain wellness.

Navy Operational Stress Control for Leaders Completes 100th Class


To schedule training at no cost to your command contact the OSC MTT lead trainers today at:

MTT West – Mr. Ernest Jackson (619) 556-7215 or via email at ernest.s.jackson.ctr(AT)navy.mil

MTT East – Mr. Daniel Danner at (757) 445-7353 ext 1035 or via email at daniel.danner.ctr(AT)navy.mil

For more details on scheduling training for your command reference NAVADMIN 150/12.


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