USS Truman and USS Stennis Leaders Use OSC Mobile Training Teams to Improve Mission Readiness

OSC Team aboard the USS STENNIS (CV 74). From left; Mr. Ernest Jackson; Ms. Leanne Braddock; Mr. Daryl Charles; Mr. David Oakey

Recently, two afloat commands took advantage of the OSC Mobile Training Teams’ delivery of two courses that provide the practical tools and information necessary to help their Sailors prepare for the challenges of Navy Life.

In April, the East coast Team delivered the training to its first aircraft carrier, the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) to Sailors in preparation for their workup cycle and the ship’s return to the  Fleet.  See  Truman Sailors Receive Operational Stress Control Training – .  In June, the West Coast team delivered  training for six days, while underway, aboard the USS Stennis (CVN 74).

The MTTs deliver both the Navy Operational Stress Control Leader course and Front Line Supervisor Training to help build the long-term health of Sailors. See Stennis Sailors manage operational stress

To schedule training at no cost to your command contact the OSC MTT lead trainers today at:

MTT West – Mr. Ernest Jackson (619) 556-7215 or via email at ernest.s.jackson.ctr(AT)

MTT East – Mr. Daniel Danner at (757) 445-7353 ext 1035 or via email at daniel.danner.ctr(AT)

For more details on scheduling training for your command reference NAVADMIN 150/12. 

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