Personal Readiness Summits

“The summit provides clarity on program management, new information and way-ahead information.”
– PR Summit Attendee

A Personal Readiness (PR) Summit will lead off the Navy Track at this year’s COSC Conference, with VADM Richard Hunt, Commander, Naval Surface Forces, as the kick-off speaker. VADM Hunt’s topic “The Importance of Building a Resilient Command” will help focus attendees on the goals of the conference and the PR Summit.

OPNAV N135 created PR Summits as a practical method to help leaders make the best use of the variety people programs available by demonstrating how the programs can be integrated for positive results.  The summit format also gives command leaders and program managers “updates” of new policy changes and offers explanations of the impacts of those changes – on other programs and commands.

The PR Summits were developed in response to fleet feedback.  Leaders have said that with increasing demands and manning shortfalls, it has become a challenge to keep up with the latest programs and requirements. The summits provide overviews of goals, policies, and requirements in a cohesive and integrated manner.

 “As a junior Officer, it gave me an opportunity to hear from more senior people more effective ways of managing things. I also really like the sense in coordinating between programs that so often overlap.
                                                                                                                       – PR Summit Attendee

The summit provides attendees with an opportunity to ask policy makers about reasoning behind policy decisions and provide input that can be forwarded to the OPNAV level about how policy decisions actually affect the fleet.

Additionally, the “Resilience Team Concept” has been added to the summits as a way for the commands to more efficiently manage their people programs to reach the ultimate goal for the CO…mission accomplishment. Key to the concept and the summits is promoting understanding how the individual programs work together to ensure the command is ready to face any assigned mission.

Attendees at the May Navy Marine Corps Combat and Operational Stress Control (NCCOSC) Conference will be able to preview the PR Summit design on May 23rd at the PR Summit session.

Visit us again to find the latest schedule for a PR Summit in your area.  


Next Posting:  Impressions from NCCOSC Attendees at PR Summit and further description of sessions with link to or listing of locations of next sessions.

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