Outreach Program Serves as Safety Net for Navy and Marine Corps Reservists’ Psychological Health

Editor’s note: In our efforts to keep you informed about the latest relevant research and program information we will occasionally highlight our partner’s work or trusted outlets.

New on Navy Medicine Live is a blog post by Shelly S. McDowell, LCSW USNR/USMCR Psychological Health Outreach Program Project Manager.

Psychological Health Outreach Program (PHOP) a Safety Net for Navy and Marine Corps Reservists’ Psychological Health

U.S. Navy and Marine Corps reservists are dedicated service members who serve their country while activated just the same as full-time active duty service members do.  Sometimes they feel as though they are an overlooked population, but in my current role, my team and I work every day to ensure they get the same quality of care with regards to their mental health as any other service member because their sacrifices are no less great. “

To read more visit http://navymedicine.navylive.dodlive.mil/archives/266

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