Now I Have OSC – What Do I Do With It?

This blog post is being reposted as an introduction to the OSC 5 Core Leader Functions series that will feature several guest bloggers.

Sailors, leaders and families across the Navy are being introduced to Operational Stress Control (OSC). This new approach, to help everyone in our Navy family navigate through the day to day and special stress that comes with serving in the Navy, is being presented and taught at many different levels. It begins with new Sailors at all accession points and is offered across career milestones such as Command Leadership School and the Senior Enlisted Academy. As commands and individuals develop an understanding of OSC and apply its tools and principles they are beginning to realize the value of OSC. Learning to navigate stress helps develop strong, resilient Sailors and commands better prepared to face the challenges of today’s Navy.

We plan to share many of your stories and how you’ve been helped by OSC over the next few months. Our goal is to provide you with new and innovative ways you can make OSC a way of life. OSC’s education and training aims to enhance your ability to prosper physically, emotionally and professionally throughout your career. Help us spread the word and let us know what has worked for you.

Keep watching our blog to read first hand why our leaders believe OSC is necessary, both for the good of their Sailors and families, and critical to mission accomplishment. Better understand through their personal testimonies how using OSC helped them navigate through stressful times and played key roles in their current successes. Learn as they demonstrate how using OSC principles such as the five core leader functions helped build strong, resilient work centers, Chief’s Messes and commands ready to take on the toughest missions – any time and any where.

Navy culture is changing in how we view psychological wellness – how we build and maintain it – how we identify and respond when wellness is compromised – and how we ensure our people have the best opportunity to return to wellness stronger, more resilient and better prepared to face new challenges. Changing culture is no small task, but working and sharing our successes and failures together can make it happen. Come join us as we make OSC a way of life.

About the Blogger:

Steve Holton is a Program Analyst with the Navy’s Operational Stress Control (OSC) and Behavioral Health Programs in Millington, TN. He has played a key role in developing Navy OSC. Mr. Holton is a retired 32-year Master Chief Petty Officer, serving on four nuclear submarines, including a tour as Chief of the Boat on USS Parche (SSN683). He also served as Force Master Chief for the Chief of Naval Technical Training and Commander Navy Recruiting Command.

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