National Cartoonists Society cartoonists to appear at upcoming COSC Conference

If you have been reading our blog for a while then chances are you have seen a cartoon or two done by Jeff Bacon, the creator of Broadside.
Recently, Jeff posted on his blog information on his panel with the National Cartoonists Society:

from the Broadside Blog as featured on

Cartoons and science

I know what you’re thinking: “This will be a short article.”

Maybe so, but I mean it. On April 27th about a dozen professional cartoonists are actually going to be part of the Navy and Marine Corps Combat and Operational Stress Control conference in San Diego.

See? Here’s the agenda.

Combat and Operational Stress is an important topic, and there are experts who have dedicated years of research trying to figure out its cause and effect on our troops. The agenda is full of doctors, psychologists and PhDs who plan to discuss treatment, mitigation, and avoidance.

The cartoonists are not in that group of experts, unless drawing goofy pictures is considered science. We have visited troops all over the world, injured and not, but that’s about as far as our expertise goes. But there we’ll be, and quite frankly, we are starting to get stressed ourselves. It is more like test anxiety, when you know you didn’t study hard enough before a big exam. And they’re going to ask us questions!

Scientific questioner: “Mr. Bacon. How do you relate the bio-morphmic defibulation of cartooning with the transgressional overlap of neuro-toxins in the brain?”

Bacon: “That’s a good question. Usually, I just draw cartoons.”

(Awkward silence)

The funny thing is, though, we have – read more

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