OSC Leader Training – Getting back to “Taking Care of Sailors”

If having leadership in one room, at one time, candidly discussing real stress issues with your peers appeals to you, then register for the Navy OSC Leader Course on April 25, 2011, in San Diego, CA.

The 1-day course encourages audience discussion of real-life scenarios you and your Sailors face every day.   Join other Navy Officers and Chief Petty Officers in learning how to effectively help Sailors navigate stress.  While the course aims to help promote long-term health, wellness and well being of our Sailors, families and commands, past students put its results in more practical terms.

One department head said the course was, “Totally necessary; very relevant.”  A Command Master Chief commented, “Frankly, I feel it brought to the surface some things we may have a little knowledge of, but refocused us on what it is all about: Taking care of Sailors.”

Course Details:
Navy OSC Leader Training
Date: April 25, 2011
Location: Town & Country Resort and Convention Center, San Diego, CA
Registration:   http://ow.ly/43AlV

For more information on the workshop objectives, download the course flyer.

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