Fall Fun

Do you have a favorite season of the year? For many of us, fall is that season. The changing colors of fall foliage mean football season has arrived and so has MLB baseball post season, homecoming games, bon fires, apple picking and Thanksgiving gatherings. The cooler weather of fall is a great time for all kinds of outdoor activities.

So, take a fresh look at activities that are available for a quick decompression. Most areas have lots of opportunities close to your home and many are free. Studies show that taking a break outside for even a few minutes can help you relax.

While there’s already snow up north, and rain and some gloom in many other places, a trip to the local park, a stop by a lake or stream or just a pause to take in some fresh air can brighten the day. When there’s more time to plan an outing check out your local county or state park systems. They provide many opportunities for recreation including on-line trip-planning and free programs and activities such as walking or bike trips, or reasonable kayak or canoe rentals. And bring along a camera. Sending a few shots of fall foliage or pumpkin picking to a family member or friend who is underway/deployed can brighten their day too. If you can’t send photos while they are away, keep them for their return.

And don’t forget your local MWR office or Fleet and Family Support Center. They carry lists of activities nearby that won’t break the bank.

Find your local Navy Morale, Welfare and Recreation site by visiting: www.mwr.navy.mil/subpages/mwrsites.html

This Navy site also provides links to other Military Service MWR facilities and activities.

Find your local FFSC or ways to find out what others have enjoyed by visiting:



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