Get Balanced and Relaxed

We all know that operators of planes, ships and trucks have to make sure the loads are balanced so the vehicle or platform can maneuver and be stable.
The same can be said for keeping our lives in balance.  Although easier said than done in the hectic lives of today’s Navy families, it’s worth evaluating how we balance sleep, nutrition, exercise, work, family, friends, and fun.
In general, our bodies and minds seek balance. We respond in amazing ways to meet a challenge. For example, processes kick in to free up energy stores, increase oxygen and get blood pumping in order to perform our best on fitness tests and sports, or help us survive in physical danger. Similar processes can focus our attention, forge memories, and even hone our senses.
When the challenge passes, opposite processes (e.g. relaxation) kick in to restore and conserve energy, and allow our mind to consolidate learning. This rejuvenation allows us to be ready for the next challenge.
However, when the challenges become long-term and complex, or seem to come at an unending pace as often occurs in modern life, this natural balancing process is interrupted.  To get back on an even keel, take some steps to free your body and mind to work as they’ve been designed.  Take time to compensate for extra demands by scheduling time to recharge.  Make it a habit to schedule rest and relaxation so you’ll be ready for whatever new challenges come next.  
For relaxation strategies click here.


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