Laughing Relieves Stress

Laughter can be the best medicine when it comes to reducing your stress level.  Laughing is good for your health and a good chuckle can change your perspective. The gift of humor, of using pictures to make light of the trials and tribulations of military life is the stock in trade of four generous cartoonists whose work we’ll be highlighting here. 

We’d like to thank Jeff Bacon, creator of “Broadside”, Julie Negron, creator of “Jenny Spouse”, Mike Jones, creator of “Ricky’s Tour” and Pat Hrabe, creator of “Tube Daze”, and welcome them as contributors to the OSC blog! 

Here are their interpretations of the Green, Yellow, Orange and Red Stress Continuum:

Jeff Bacon

Pat Hrabe

Mike Jones

Julie Negron


Look for a new cartoon to be featured each Thursday!

Meet the Cartoonists:
Jeff BaconJeff Bacon’s first Navy Times cartoon was published in March 1986. By the end of that year, the panel was titled “Broadside” and has appeared weekly ever since.  In 2006, his Marine-oriented cartoon “Greenside” began its run in Marine Corps Times.  His cartoons have been displayed at the Navy Art Gallery and the Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C., and have been published in three books:  The Best of Broadside, Book II: the Rest of Broadside, and 20 Years of Broadside.


Pat HrabePat Hrabe is best known for his animated space Navy cartoon, “Hey, Shipwreck – The most accurate depiction of submariners ever produced.” 

His new series “Tube Daze”, was just released in Jan 2009 and fans can look forward to “Join the Navy”, an animated movie in late 2010.




Mike JonesMike Jones, the son of a Navy Journalist, enlisted in the Navy himself in 1996.  Mike was transferred to Keflavik, Iceland, were he developed a collection of Navy-specific comics featuring a hapless Sailor with horrible dental work.  The U.S. Navy magazine “All Hands” responded enthusiastically to the idea and began publishing “Ricky’s Tour” in February 1999.  By 2003, “Ricky’s Tour” became a regular feature in numerous military publications, including the Stars and Stripes.


Julie NegronJulie Negron has been an illustrator since the age of four.  Julie is the creator of “Jenny Spouse” which appears weekly in the Stars and Stripes, numerous military newspapers and has been featured in the Lifetime TV hit series ARMY WIVES. 

Julie is an Air Force spouse and has PCS’d around the world including Germany and Japan.


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