Navigating Your Stress


Welcome to the new blog for Operational Stress Control or OSC.  We invite you to watch a short 1 minute Daily News Update video featuring OSC Program Coordinator CAPT Lori Laraway.

As we launch the OSC program we recognize the value of Blogging as a form of communication not only to share information, but also as a wonderful way to get feedback from a large audience with a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

We look forward to receiving your comments.  Although we will not be able to respond to every post on the blog, we will read them and do our very best to respond to your concerns.

If you are new to Operational Stress Control, you are probably wondering what exactly is OSC?  OSC seeks to create an environment where Sailors, commands and families can thrive in the midst of stressful operations. Just as world-class athletes gain the winning edge by using every means at their disposal – coaches, trainers, even sports psychologists – our world-class Sailors need to employ every available resource to stay fit and ready as well as seek assistance for stress reactions early before they become problems.

Our posts here will highlight the OSC program.  We’ll also feature information on how Sailors, Commands, Leaders and Spouses can navigate their stress.  Thank you for visiting the new online home for Navigating Stress.

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